Om Cani

CANI or Kaizen: means Constant and Never-ending Improvement, a philosophy or a way of living for continuous openness to learning, improvement and growth.

Cani ble etablert i 2003 og har i over 10 år levert kurs, utdanning og workshops samt individuelle program i coaching og karrierecoaching.

Jeg, Ingrid Husan, blogger om karriere og arbeidsliv i bred forstand og henter inspirasjon fra min hverdag i Cani hvor jeg møter mange folk i alle aldre – deg som søker jobb, driver eget, er topp- eller mellomleder, jobber i en HR avdeling eller trenger ulike type sparringer, kurs eller utviklingsprogram. Du er velkommen til å komme med innspill, tips og ønsker. Om du ønsker gratis kartlegging går til Kontakt.

Vennligst ikke kopier tekst eller bilder uten tillatelse.


One Response to “Om Cani”

  • Hello Ingrid,

    My name is Wayne Langsdorf and I have been a coach, teacher and motivational speaker for over 20 years, and was originally using the website I was and still am a fan of Tony Robbins and he is how I got my website url and name. I have since changed it and my company name to «We Believe in Life» WBL are my name initials and one of my sons helped in changing the name and it really works for me. I just thought I’d let you know that I have checked out your web site and it’s information numerous times over the years and you are genuine and caring about changing others lives for the better and helping them reach their own purpose and passion for life, while trying to keep them positive and consciously focused on their futures and their goals. Even though you are in Norway and I am in the United States, we seem to have a lot in common, and I and my fellow positive motivators and coaches want to congratulate you for your hard work and commitment to your life’s purpose. Since I no longer use my website, and am updating my new site, I would like to let you know if you ever want to use yours as a «.com» just let me know and you may have mine for free. I have been offered money many times for the use of my website, but have refused because I did not know the person, their beliefs or philosophy well enough to allow to do so, but I like what you are doing and I would offer it to you for free, if you ever choose to do so. I have looked at your blogs, but I have not noticed if you send out email newsletters or other bits of information that you share for free with the public. As I have made this long enough, I would just like to offer any assistance I can for you, including the free use of my old website, and I will keep you updated when my new site goes active. I have been a school teacher for many years and offer my coaching to my students for free and have received almost 1000 letters from them in response to how much I have changed or positively improved their lives as they got older and understood more of what I was teaching them when they were in my classes (mostly 16-18 year old students). I am getting close to retirement from my teaching career and am planning on becoming more active in the public domain, but still promote and speak to the public about the CANI philosophy and helping them to focus on what I call the three «P’s» of life (Positive attitude and outlook(both inside and out), Purpose for them being here to begin with, and finally Passion for whatever they do in life so they may enjoy and create the life they want for themselves. If you want to contact me anytime, please don’t hesitate to use my email, and I will also send you my new website link when I have it updated and running. Sincerely and with Passion for Life, Wayne B. Langsdorf, or or Good luck and continue to live life with passion and purpose.

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